Urgently implementing strong measures against IUU fishing


(binhthuan.gov.vn) In order to prepare for the 4th meeting with the European Commission Inspection Delegation in October 2023, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has issued an urgent dispatch to implement strong measures against IUU fishing.


Accordingly, the People's Committees of coastal provinces shall give priority to allocate sufficient resources and continue to seriously and effectively implement the Prime Minister's directives in Decision No. 81/QD-TTg dated February 13, 2023; Decision No. 1077/QD-TTg dated September 14, 2022 on approving the “Project on preventing and combating IUU fishing until 2025”… associated with the responsibilities of the heads of the Party Committees, authorities at all levels and relevant functional forces in combating IUU fishing.


Focus on directing the implementation of strong measures to prevent and stop fishing vessels and fishermen from violating illegal fishing in foreign waters; investigate, verify and thoroughly handle the situation of brokers and hookers to take fishing vessels and fishermen to illegally exploit seafood in foreign waters.


Carry out a general inspection and review of the entire number of fishing vessels, grasp the current status of fishing vessels to screen and classify to monitor and supervise the entire fleet's activities, and handle in accordance with the law for violations. Strictly control fishing vessels entering and exiting ports and entering/exiting fishing vessels at border posts; prevent and strictly handle unqualified fishing vessels, especially fishing vessels that fail to comply with regulations on cruise monitoring equipment on fishing vessels engaged in fishing activities.


Carry out confirmation and certification of traceability of caught seafood to ensure legality; organize specialized inspection and examination of enterprises importing aquatic materials exploited for processing and exporting to the European market.


Direct the law enforcement forces to coordinate in opening peak patrols, inspection to control and sanction the administrative violations in the fisheries sector; especially focus on strictly and thoroughly handling cases of violations of illegal fishing in foreign waters, violations of regulations on cruise monitoring equipment on fishing vessels. Regularly inspect, examine and seriously review and handle responsibilities of organizations and individuals that fail to fulfill their assigned responsibilities and duties.


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