Tanh Linh focuses on responding to rain and floods

(binhthuan.gov.vn) According to Tanh Linh district, from July 27, 2023 to July 29, 2023, the situation of rain and flood occurred very complicatedly in the whole district (at 22 o'clock, on July 29, 2023, the water level of La Nga river at Ta Pao hydrological station reached 119.13 m, above alarm I: 0.13 m); According to quick reports from local agencies and units, floods have washed away and killed 01 person, flooded over 30 houses (inundated from 0.5 to 1 m), displaced 06 households; drifted, damaged aquaculture cages, transportation systems, agricultural production; flooded over 1,000 hectares of rice,... with estimated losses of billions dong.

According to the forecast, the situation of rain and flood is still complicated and unpredictable, the risk of damage to property and infrastructure still occurs. From the above situation, Chairman of the People's Committee of Tanh Linh district has asked the heads of agencies and units, members of the district commanding committees for natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue, chairpersons of the People's Committees of communes and towns, and committees, Commands of disaster prevention and control, search and rescue in communes and townships to urgently respond to rain and floods occurring in the areas.

Accordingly, monitoring closely, comprehensively, regularly, continuously, systematically the situation to direct or seek advice for timely handling of problems arising in the work of flood prevention and control on La Nga river, small rivers and streams in the areas. Focusing on implementing well the prevention and control plan according to the motto "4 on the spot". Maintaining 24/24 hours a day duties. On the other hand, preventing people to cross the river to farm, collect firewood and timber, and catch fish in some localities such as Dong Kho, La Ngau, Duc Binh, and Gia An. Advising people not to go to areas at risk of landslides and rolling rocks: Ta Pua - Duc Phu, Dong Kho, La Ngau, Duc Thuan, Lac Tanh (National Highway 55), Suoi Kiet. Requiring people to anchor fish cages and rafts on the river (people should not stay on cages and rafts), especially in the aquaculture area of Bien Lac lake - Gia An commune, La Nga river, Dong Kho commune, Lac Tanh (ready to harvest fish early if safety is not guaranteed).

People's Committees, Commanding Committees for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue of communes and townships shall inspect and review residential areas in low-lying areas, along rivers, streams, areas prone to floods and landslides to inform people to actively move to a safer place; sending forces to monitor and supervise key areas 24 / 24 hours; at the same time, preparing relocation plan to ensure the safety of life and property for the people so that no human damage occurs, especially in 03 communes along La Nga river: La Ngau, Dong Kho, Duc Bình and communes with residential areas near rivers, streams and low-lying areas.

People's Committees, Commanding Committees for Natural Disaster Prevention, Control, Search and Rescue of communes and townships shall direct local forces and mobilize people to dredge canals, clear sewers, and manhole areas to ensure water drainage, avoiding inundation in residential areas, stacking things up high, etc., especially in Duc Phu, Mang To, Bac Ruong, Huy Khiem, Dong Kho, Duc Binh and Lac Tanh communes. Particularly, the People's Committees of La Ngau, Dong Kho, and Duc Binh communes shall urgently review the disaster prevention plan to proactively relocate people in low-lying areas as if the water level on La Nga River (at Ta Pao Hydrological Station) is above the alarm level III (over 121 m).

Chairman of the People's Committee of Tanh Linh district also requests the Economic and Infrastructure Division to prepare vehicles for evacuation and relocation of people when natural disasters occur; coordinate with the People's Committees of communes and townships to make statistics on motor vehicles of private enterprises and enterprises located in the area such as excavators, cranes, bulldozers, generators, saws, etc., for mobilizing to join the rescue force if necessary. In addition, check key places and locations that frequently fall or are at risk of landslides, rolling rocks, the arterial roads such as National Highway 55 (La Ngau, Duc Thuan), DT 720, DT 717, Suoi Kiet train station, Ta Pua - Duc Phu pass, Lac Ha quarter - Lac Tanh town. For rural and inland traffic roads that have been eroded or damaged in communes due to natural disasters in recent years, coordinate with localities in providing temporary relief to meet travel needs of the People.

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