The Provincial Public Administration Center settled 8,000 dossiers in October

( According to the Provincial Public Administration Center, in October, the Center continued to strictly control the implementation of processes and coordination between relevant agencies and units in handling administrative procedures, especially interconnected administrative procedures to overcome the overdue settlement or documents being returned many times, causing trouble for organizations, individuals and businesses.


In October, the total number of applications received was 8,000 (including 3,663 online applications). Of these, 7,969 documents have been processed and settled; returned on time and early: 7,957 dossiers, late: 12 dossiers. Cumulatively from the beginning of the year to the end of October 2023, 67,725 applications have been received (including 30,447 online applications). Processed and settled 67,261 documents; returned on time and early: 67,106 dossiers, late: 155 dossiers.


Through public postal services, during the month, the Center coordinated to receive 18 administrative procedure documents in the fisheries sector (Phu Quy district: 13 dossiers, Tuy Phong: 05 dossiers); settled 34 dossiers. Received 10 dossiers submitted by group from the fisheries sector; 10 dossiers were settled on time; there is not any overdue settlement.


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