Strengthening the inspection on electrical works in the rainy season
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( In order to ensure the safety of people's lives and property in the province during the rainy season, the Department of Industry and Trade has requested relevant units to strengthen the technical inspection on electrical works, whenever detecting unusual problems or unsafe potential hazards, they must immediately take remedial measures or report them to the competent authorities for timely direction; at the same time, immediately implementing initial handling measures to prevent possible adverse consequences..


Operating the water reservoirs in accordance with the approved process; coordinating in inspecting the implementation of safety measures of hydroelectric dams, especially critical reservoirs or under construction or repair; closely coordinating with localities in the operation of reservoirs to ensure the safety of the works and downstream areas. Regularly and promptly notifying the local authorities at all levels in the downstream areas, the Provincial Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue, and the people about detailed information on the flood discharge process to proactively evacuate people out of flood-prone areas; when discharging floods, it is necessary to closely monitor weather developments and trends, coordinate with localities to promptly grasp the flood situation in the downstream, apply flexibly in regulating and make full use of the flood prevention capacity of the works in order to reduce floods and minimize damage to downstream areas.


Reviewing and completing all relevant documents on safety management of dams and hydropower reservoirs, including: Disaster response plan for the project and downstream areas of the dam; protection plans of dams and hydroelectric reservoirs; responding plans for emergency situations; reports on the current safety state of dams and hydropower reservoirs; safety assessment reports for dams, hydropower reservoirs...


Preparing plans for electricity operation, production, transmission and power supply plans for important loads, especially in areas prone to floods, storms and natural disasters; preparing plans for reservation of supplies and equipment, checking the readiness of forces and means to respond to incidents when heavy rain or flood flows to the lake quickly, ensuring absolute safety of the water reservoir as prescribed.



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