Strengthening food hygiene and safety inspection during the Mid-Autumn Festival


( According to the Inter-Sectoral Steering Committee for Food Hygiene and Safety of Binh Thuan Province, it will strengthen inspection of food safety issues during the Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 in the province.


The inspection aims to assess the law compliance on food safety assurance of establishments producing, processing, trading, importing food, food and beverage services, and priority is given to establishments that manufacture, trade and import products that are used a lot during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Through timely inspection activities to detect, prevent and handle violations of food safety, limit food poisoning and food-borne diseases, contribute to the care and protection of people's health.


Subjects of inspection are establishments that produce, process, trade and import food and catering services. Priority is given to establishments that manufacture, trade and import products used a lot during the Mid-Autumn Festival such as cakes, jams, candies, beer, wine, soft drinks, meat, meat products, etc. places that supply food in large quantities such as large production establishments, supermarkets, concentrated commercial establishments, and food importers; ensuring avoidance of overlapping and duplication among other relevant inspection and examination teams; preventing establishments from producing and trading fake food, imitation goods, food of poor quality, out of date, unknown origin and using unsafe food materials.


Whenever detecting violations, the inspection team will handle in accordance with the provisions of law; making sure that unsafe food cannot be circulated in the market. At the same time, strictly handle organizations and individuals that violate regulations on food labeling and advertising; apply measures to suspend operations of production and business establishments that violate regulations on food safety; confiscate material evidences, recall and eliminate products in violation of food safety according to the provisions of law./.



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