Raising vigilance to prevent impersonation of soldiers, agencies and units of the military

(binhthuan.gov.vn) The Department of Information and Communications has issued a dispatch requesting agencies, units and localities to promote awareness in prevention of impersonation of soldiers, agencies and units of the military.


Specifically, according to the Political Department of Military Region 7, recently, in the area of the Armed Forces of the Military Region, there have been a number of impersonators, impersonating officers of a number of units under the Military Command of Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Tay Ninh provinces committed acts of fraud and appropriation of property, thereby causing frustration and misunderstanding among the people, affecting the reputation and image of the Army and the Military Region 7.


Fraudulent methods and tricks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, diverse, and carried out openly. To build trust among the people, the suspects took advantage of the image and reputation of the Army and used telecommunication networks (calling, texting), social networks (Facebook, Zalo, Telegram, Tiktok ...) to spread false information. Due to the lack of vigilance and precautions of some businesses, organizations, and individuals, criminals can easily defraud and misappropriate or cause property damage. In the arear under management of the Military Region alone, from /072023 until now, there have been 10 incidents.


It is predicted that in the coming time, bad suspects will continue to use similar tricks to fraudulent, appropriate and damage property of businesses and people in the area. To contribute to preventing and raising vigilance against the above tricks, the Political Department of Military Region 7 recommends that agencies, businesses and the people when receiving calls from strangers claiming to be "soldiers, agencies, units of the Army, local Military Command" to book parties, buy goods... it is needed to find out and verify information before conducting any transaction; If there is any suspiciousness, it should immediately report to the nearest military or police agency for timely guidance and resolution.


For calls and messages claiming to be the "commander and manager" of a family member working in the Army to inform about situations related to violations of the law and discipline of the person; at the same time, request to transfer money to compensate for damages...., it is needed to stay calm and carefully research and verify information; Do not follow the requests of bad subjects, especially do not transfer money to designated accounts of subjects or groups of subjects for any reason. Promptly discuss by phone with the commander and manager of the unit where the person is working; contact the Military Command at the commune, ward or district level for assistance in verifying information and avoiding fraud that causes property damage.


With "suspects" wearing Army uniforms, with signs of "suggesting that they have the ability to apply for a job, enroll to army school, join the Army Force...", people need to be careful to find out; promptly discuss by phone with the Military Command at the commune, ward or district level and the nearest police agency for timely verification, guidance and resolution.


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