Promoting the role of the Provincial Business Association


( According to the Provincial Business Association, in the first 6 months of 2023, although the production and business situation was still difficult, the Association's activities were basically maintained and well performed the tasks set out.

In order to demonstrate its role as a bridge between the business community and provincial leaders, departments and agencies, the Provincial Business Association has timely executed the direction of the Provincial People's Committee to its members, especially the periodic working schedule with enterprises and investors for removing difficulties and obstacles in production, business and investment.

In supporting members on production and business development, the Provincial Business Association has coordinated with the State Bank of Vietnam - Binh Thuan branch to organize the Conference on connecting Banks - Enterprises to remove capital difficulties and problems for businesses. In addition, the Provincial Business Association also cooperated with functional units to organize courses on e-commerce, business model innovation and digital transformation, improving management capacity for production and business establishments in the province…

In the coming time, the Provincial Business Association will focus on implementing solutions to build the Association more and more developed, admitting more new members. At the same time, performing well its role as a representative agency and bridge between the business community and provincial leaders, departments and agencies to support enterprises in production and business activities.


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