Phan Thiet to deploy and replicate the "One-day settlement" model in handling administrative procedures

( Over the past time, agencies, units and localities in Phan Thiet city have made great efforts in the administrative reform of the city. Thereby, certain results have been achieved in 2022 and the first 6 months of 2023.

To further speed up administrative reform, promote initiatives, solutions or suggestions in practice at agencies, units and localities to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the State agencies’ activities in the city in improving service quality, creating satisfaction of people and enterprises; improving the city's administrative reform indicators in 2023, Phan Thiet City People's Committee has deployed and replicated the “One-day settlement” model.

Accordingly, each unit and locality shall develop a plan and can choose simple administrative procedures to settle within the same day (the date chosen by the agency, unit or locality suitable to the actual situation); settlement time from 30 minutes to 60 minutes or a half shift, helping people to save time from travelling.

It is known that the "One-day settlement" is applied and effectively implemented locally by the People's Committee of Ham Tien ward. The "One-day settlement" model in handling administrative procedures in the field of civil status in Ham Tien ward, is applied on every Thursday in order to maximize the efficiency of administrative procedures and shorten the processing time; directly inspecting and guiding people, organizing the completion of dossiers; receiving, processing dossiers and returning results within a working day.

According to the People's Committee of Phan Thiet city, over the past time, the city has replicated 02 models: "Guidelines for partial and full online application submission"; “Citizens do not need to write” in wards and communes in the city. As a result of implementation, localities have performed very well in settling administrative procedures for people, organizations and enterprises. The implementation and replication of the "One-day settlement" model aims to improve the city's administrative reform in serving organizations and people better in the coming time.

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