Phan Thiet ready for Cau Ngu Festival


( The Cau Ngu Festival 2023 will take place from August 1 to August 8, with many unique cultural and tourist activities, promising to be an event to attract tourists to Phan Thiet city in particular and Binh Thuan province in general.


Up to now, the preparation work has been ensured on schedule and set plan. The forces participating in the festival are assigned to monitor and supervise the work in each stage. Accordingly, the works of ensuring security and order, traffic safety, environmental sanitation and safety for people and visitors are always as the top priority. The Sub-committees all prepare plans and conduct waste collection; traffic and parking lots arrangement for visitors. For the main ceremony, the Organizing Committee has coordinated with the relevant forces to protect the procession of Lenh Ong Sanh from Hon Lao to Con Cha gate; arrange boats and fishermen's boats in the right places to ensure for the festival activities on the Ca Ty river as planned... With careful and thoughtful preparation, along with inherent features, the Cau Ngu Festival 2023 will contribute to attracting tourists to Phan Thiet for relaxation and enjoying local cultural values; contribute to the construction and development of a unique coastal tourist city of Phan Thiet.


The sustainable conservation and promotion of the unique folklore values of Cau Ngu Festival are not only meet the needs of local people's religious and spiritual activities, but also aim to bring the festival into an attractive tourism product that attract domestic and foreign tourists; Especially, this year, Binh Thuan hosts the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 with the theme "Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comes Together". This is also an opportunity for Phan Thiet city to introduce and promote tourism potential; unique cultural features to domestic and international tourists.


It is known that, after nearly 15 years since it was organized on a city scale, this year the Cau Ngu Festival is organized by the People's Committee of Phan Thiet with a grandiose scale with many more special activities. The ceremony will take place from August 6 to 8 with traditional worshipping activities such as: The procession of Ong Sanh Order from Hon Lao via Con Cha gate to Duc Thanh bridge and both sides Ca Ty river; Lantern launching at Ca Ty River. The festive activities will take place on Trung Trac Street from August 1 to August 8, with activities such as: Fairs, exhibitions, food stalls; men and women contest of rowing and shaking baskets; musical and arts performances, ...



Phạm Huệ

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