Exciting with the Street Festival "Colors of Binh Thuan"


(binhthuan.gov.vn) On the evening of August 29, 2023, in Phan Thiet city, the Street Festival "Colors of Binh Thuan" took place in a bustling, joyful and impressive atmosphere. This is the first time the Street Festival has been held in Binh Thuan.


Within the framework of Street Culture Week of the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 "Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comes Together", the Street Festival "Binh Thuan Colors" brings together over 700 artists, actors, artisans and 10 art troupes. The troupes took turns performing through the main roads of Phan Thiet city such as: Nguyen Tat Thanh; Le Duan, Nguyen Hoi; Ton Duc Thang…



A large number of people and tourists experienced the unique performances with the combination of colors and music... of the festival. Performances focused on showing the cultural beauty and unique heritage of Binh Thuan province such as: Traditional culture of the Cham people in the re-enactment of the Kate Festival - Ramuwan festival; Fishing scene during the Fisherman's Festival of Phan Thiet city; cultural beliefs in the Nghinh Ong Festival of the Hoa community... Besides, people can also enjoy and interact with actors and artists in circus performances, martial arts, and Latin dances. …


Some performances showing typical cultural beauty and heritage of Binh Thuan province


The street festival "Colors of Binh Thuan" is an exciting activity, contributing to the success of the Street Culture Week of the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 -"Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comes Together", aiming to affirm, honor and promote the nation's unique traditional cultural values, promote the image of the homeland and the people of Binh Thuan to domestic and international friends.


Circus performance, Latin dance


Street Culture Week of the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 "Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comes Together" takes place from August 28 to September 3 in Phan Thiet city. This is an activity in the series of events for the Visit Vietnam Year 2023. The Street Culture Week includes many unique cultural and tourist activities such as: Street festival; art exchange activity "Sea, islands - Heart of Vietnam"; exhibition and introduction of tourism products, food and OCOP products; street music…


According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Binh Thuan province, this activity will introduce the potential and advantages of the province's tourism to people, domestic and foreign tourists, thereby contributing to promote the development of the tourism industry, strongly attracting tourists, domestic and international investors to Binh Thuan. This is also an opportunity for Binh Thuan to introduce unique traditional cultural festivals of the ethnic communities in the province. The localities of the province can take advantage and opportunities to develop and exploit products associated with traditional culture, creating a driving force for the development of cultural tourism products, meeting visitors' demands, and contributing to viral the unique cultural values of Binh Thuan ethnic communities to domestic and international friends./.



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