Disbursement of public investment capital of Binh Thuan basically follows the schedule as planned

(binhthuan.gov.vn) The cumulative estimate of public investment capital disbursement by the end of June 2023 under the 2023 plan of the whole province reached 36.54% of the assigned plan, basically ensuring the disbursement progress compared to the plan.

Specifically, the total amount of capital allocated in the year plan is more than 4,800 billion VND, of which: The previous year's planned capital is allowed to extend the prescribed payment term to more than 371 billion VND; annual plan capital is more than 4,435 billion VND. Estimated capital payment from the beginning of the year to the end of June is more than 1,756 billion VND, reaching 36.54% of the assigned plan.

In order to speed up the implementation progress and disbursement of public investment in 2023, strive to disburse over 95% of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister, the Provincial People's Council and the Provincial People's Committee in association with ensuring the quality of the works and the effective use of public investment capital; the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee established a Working Group to promote the disbursement of public investment capital in the province for the period of 2023-2025 and issued many documents directing departments, agencies, localities and investors to accelerate the implementation and disbursement of public investment capital 2023.

As reported by the State Treasury of Binh Thuan, up to May 31, 2023, the disbursement of the public investment capital plan under the provincial budget is more than 723 billion VND, reaching 21.58% of the plan; Central budget capital is more than 622 billion dong, reaching 42.76% of the assigned plan.

For ensuring the disbursement rate of public investment by the end of 2023 reaches over 95%; the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has requested the heads of departments, agencies, chairpersons of the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities and investors to review and accelerate the allocation and disbursement of public investment capital, 03 national target programs 2023, and the program of socio-economic recovery and development. Agencies and units shall urgently complete investment documents and procedures for new projects starting in 2023 as planned, ensuring conditions for investment capital allocation.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has also requested investors to review investment projects in 2023 and projects in the period of 2021-2025 to accelerate the implementation, proactively develop a disbursement plan on a monthly and quarterly basis, promulgate solutions, and focus on capital disbursement. Regularly organizing the evaluation of the project implementation progress, for projects that are not on schedule, the investors promptly propose internal transfer of capital to projects with fast implementation progress, capable of completing within the plan year, or return the capital plan for projects that cannot be disbursed.

Agencies and units shall strengthen the official duties of cadres and civil servants; resolutely, strictly and promptly handle organizations, individuals, cadres and civil servants who violate laws, and obstruct or delay the progress of works and projects. On the other hand, agencies controlling investment capital payment need to promote quick payment through online public service portals to reduce capital disbursement time for beneficiaries, and promptly response the spending needs of units...

The Department of Planning and Investment is assigned to actively coordinate with the investor to advise the Provincial People's Committee to allocate all capital sources under the public investment plan 2023; advise the Provincial People's Committee to shift the public investment capital plan 2023 from projects with no disbursed volume to projects with good disbursement but lack of capital. Monitoring and urging the implementation of agencies and units and solving difficulties and obstacles according to its competence. Preparing monthly reports on the implementation and disbursement of the 2023 public investment capital plan to the Provincial People's Committee, ensuring the motto "using public investment to activate and lead private investment".

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