Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to call on "All people to participate in fire prevention and fighting"


( Over the past time, fire prevention and fighting in the province has been effectively implemented by all levels and sectors, creating positive changes; the fire situation in the province was controlled and reduced sharply (in the first 6 months of 2023, the whole province had 07 fires, reduced 07 cases compared to the same period in 2022), notably, there were no serious fire causing death nor large fire causing serious property damage.

However, besides the achieved results, the implementation of a number of targets and tasks of fire prevention, fighting, and rescue has not yet met the requirements; households, business households and people have not really voluntarily participated in the all-people movement for fire prevention and fighting, and have not actively equipped fire-fighting equipment; all levels and agencies, especially the local People's Committees have not really drastically directed the implementation of assigned targets and tasks of fire prevention and fighting.

In order to complete the targets and tasks of fire prevention, fighting, and rescue on schedule; the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has called for "All people to participate in the implementation of fire prevention and fighting" and requested the departments, agencies, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities and suggested the Provincial Front and mass organizations to review the targets and tasks assigned by the Provincial People's Committee in recent guiding documents on fire prevention, fighting and rescue to organize effective implementation. The Provincial People's Committee will consider and handle the responsibility in each case of failure to complete the tasks, causing fire and explosion, serious damage due to lack of responsibility, loose direction and management, failure to overcome shortcomings and violations on fire prevention, fighting and rescue.

On the other hand, the district-level People's Committee shall direct the commune-level People's Committee to coordinate with the police force to complete the target from now to September 30, 2023 as mobilizing 50% of households to equip themselves with at least one fire extinguisher, each family has at least one person trained in firefighting and escape skills, and by December 31, 2023, to complete 100% in the whole province.

Completing the replication of the model of "Fire prevention and fighting safety inter-household group" and "Public firefighting point" before June 30, 2023 and organizing rehearsals for 100% of "Fire prevention and fighting safety inter-household group" in the third quarter of 2023. Mobilizing and guiding households with "tiger cages" to open emergency exits and 100% of houses with 02 floors or more have a second emergency exit to escape when a fire or explosion occurs (exit through balcony, roof...). Reviewing the areas where the civil defense team has not been established to direct the development, ensuring that 80% of the villages and neighborhoods have a civil defense team.

Departments, agencies, units and localities shall mobilize and ensure 100% of cadres, civil servants and public employees' families equipped with fire extinguishers, and 100% of houses from 2 floors having a second emergency exit; at the same time, be responsible for mobilizing 100% of households and relatives to respond to the implementation.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has also requested the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority to chair over and coordinate with the Provincial Public Security to build linkages between enterprises in the industrial parks to carry out fire prevention and fighting work. Continuing to urge establishments to maintain the operation of specialized fire prevention and fighting teams in industrial parks as prescribed by laws regulations.

The Provincial Public Security shall promote administrative reform in the field of fire prevention and fighting, meeting the practical requirements of socio-economic development. Reviewing and proposing amendments and supplements to regulations and standards on fire prevention and fighting in accordance with reality. Timely inspecting, evaluating and restoring operation of establishments after overcoming existing matters, shortcomings and violations on fire prevention and fighting according to regulations. Along with that, continuing to inspect the safety of fire prevention, fighting and rescue, especially at key locations and facilities with fire and explosion hazards. Periodically checking conditions for ensuring safety of fire prevention, fighting and rescue at karaoke service establishments, bars..., resolutely handling violations and suspending establishments that fail to ensure conditions for fire prevention and fighting. Publicizing projects and works violating regulations on fire prevention and fighting on the mass media for the supervision of agencies, organizations and people.

The Department of Construction shall cooperate with the Provincial Public Security and relevant departments and agencies to study, review and propose to remove obstacles in the application of technical regulations and standards in investment and construction activities according to each object and type of facility on the principle of "ensuring fire prevention and fighting safety requirements, not to legalize violations".


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