7,546 applications were settled in August

(binhthuan.gov.vn) According to the Provincial Public Administration Center, in August 2023, the total number of applications received was 7,492 (including 4,148 online dossiers). In which, 7,546 dossiers have been settled (including those transferred from July); returning 7,511 dossiers on time and early, and 35 dossiers late.


Accumulated from the beginning of the year to the end of August, the total number of applications received is 52,503 (including 26,860 online dossiers). Number of documents settled: 51,997; on time and early: 51,862; late: 135.


In addition, in August, the Center received 33 applications submitted by group from the fisheries sector; 17 dossiers were settled on time; there were no late settlement records.


Also according to the Provincial Public Administration Center, the coordination in handling administrative documents and procedures is strictly carried out according to the coordination regulations between the centers, post offices and departments to ensure the smooth and on time circulation of documents. Through the public postal service, during the month, the Center coordinated and received 92 administrative procedure documents in the local fisheries sector. Returning settled results of 51 dossiers.



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